Transparent pricing

Just you and Us: Forget the middleman

At Hikari Design, one of our values is full transparency. Our pricing scheme is an open book. Big chain furniture stores have their products marked up several times: from established designers, manufacturers, importers, wholesalers, to retail stores… Everyone needs their cut, leaving you paying the price. This is known as the premium design tax.

 By ordering at Hikari Design, we ensure a fair markup, where artists get compensated correctly and customers don’t get ripped off.

How do we do it?

Our most popular products are sourced in enough quantity to make it fair for the customer, for us and that we don’t overproduce and unsold items go to waste.

All our other products are ordered on demand. This way, we only produce what we are sure we can sell. Lead times might take longer end to end, but this allows us 

This is the only way to retail products at a fair price, without having to either order in bulk and scrap unsold items or letting customers pay the price.

Let's reduce overproduction in the industry and start promoting sustainable manufacturing.

Transparent Pricing

Figures below are based one of our most popular products, Hikari Speaker Table. As you can see with the breakdown below, most retailers markup the price significantly leaving the customer the price. At Hikari Design we redefined how we source our products, leaving huge savings for the customer.  Other products of ours are priced more or less the same way, but feel free to contact us for the detailed breakdown.


Traditional retailer

Retailer Rs. 4,688
Sales agent Rs. 4,018
Distributor Rs. 10,716
Royalties Rs. 5,358
Representatives Rs. 3,349
Design Rs. 5,060
Raw materials Rs. 16,744
Production Rs. 8,409
Transport Rs. 3,349
Total Rs. 61,617


Retailer Rs. 0
Sales agent Rs. 0
Distributor Rs. 0
Royalties Rs. 0
Representatives Rs. 0
Design Rs. 5,060
Raw materials Rs. 16,744
Production Rs. 8,409
Transport Rs. 3,349
TOTAL Rs. 33,487

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